By now all students regardless of grade level are back in school and college here in the US. Students of all ages have known since summer that fall is coming and full-time education would be their primary use time. They know it is time to return to school. Coincidentally some professionals and small business operators act as if it school isn’t in session for them.  They don’t take enough time off to gain an edge over their competition by learning something new.  

I once heard the story of a lumberjack who attempted to knock down as many trees as the best lumberjack in his town. He would get up early and work all day long yet always fell short of the best lumberjack in town. One day this hardworking young lumberjack asked his colleague how he is able to cut down so many trees. The experienced lumberjack asked his inquisitive young lumberjack, with all of your hard work have you ever contemplated stopping to sharpen your axe? The young lumberjack had learned quite a lesson. Obviously in your business and profession you are the axe. If you do not stop to sharpen yourself, you may find yourself not producing all you could have.

To all my friends and family who still desire to grow and have not reached all of their potential, goals, and dreams in life. I have a suggestion for you, it’s called the personal growth plan. Take time to stop and decide which books you will read, which seminars, symposiums and training classes you will attend over the next year and write it down in your calendar now. Don’t worry about the details just commit in your calendar to attend what you know is best for you. Which people do you intend to meet and learn from and is there mastermind or book club that you intend to join and meet on a regular basis. School is never out as long as you are amongst the living. Someone once said, if you’re not learning you’re slowly dying. Act now and write your personal growth plan.  Here is to you finishing the year strong and having the best year ever!

Be great,